Mori Bracelet

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The Icelandic God Odin is recorded in ‘Sayings of the High One’ to have said,
Animals die,
friends die,
and thyself, too, shall die;
but one thing I know that never dies
the tales of the one who died.
In being reminded of the thing that is common to all human beings, in other words, in memento mori, we are reminded of the value and intangibility of life, which imbues it with a precious, fragile beauty. From the time in which our shared ancestors across all cultures used bones to celebrate and to mourn through ritual, until the present day, we all share the imperative to seize the day. The Mori Bracelet is set with two sparkling stones of jade.

Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique, which we believe is what gives it its beauty. Nickel and lead free. Dimensions: Length of bracelet 21cm, total width 1cm.

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