Capitoline Necklace

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Featuring an ancient coin embossed with the face of a fearsome wolf, strung on a rectangular link chain, this necklace is available in 18K gold-plated or sterling silver.

The Capitoline Wolf is the representation of Rome that has been with the people of that region for as long as the city’s existence, stretching back into ancient times. She is shown suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. They were conceived to a mortal mother, and a God-father: the deity Mars. The King of that time perceived their power, and ordered the twins be drowned. However, they were saved by the God of the River, Tiberinus, and nursed to strength and health by the famous She-Wolf.

Cleopatra's Bling pieces are handcrafted to be unique & one of a kind. Therefore we ask you to be gentle with pieces purchased, particularly avoid water when wearing.

18k Gold Plated 

35-40cm chain 

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