Orci Necklace - 18K Gold Plated

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The Orci Necklace is a deep blue string of triangular-cut lapis lazuli beads, with a name meaning "gate" in Latin.

There are two stones, or “lapis” used in the Roman religion - both known as the lapis mannes. One stone, associated with Flumine, or flowing water was used in ceremonies in times of drought. The second was its counterpart - the passageway and bringer of change. It lay above the Gate of Orci, the opening to the underworld. Here, thrice a year, the spirits of those who had been ritually blessed before they passed were able to return to the overworld, where they would be offered the fruits and harvest of the citizens.

The gate to the underworld represents both remembrance of the past, and preparation for new beginnings.

Hand-strung beads of pure, natural lapis lazuli sourced ethically and directly from Afghanistan.