Flumine Necklace - 18K Gold Plated

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The Flumine Necklace is a deep blue string of cylindrical lapis lazuli beads, with a name meaning "river" in Latin.

There are two stones, or “lapis” used in the Roman religion - both known as the lapis mannes. The first stone was the lapis above the Gate of the Orci. The second was its counterpart - the water bringer, and life giver. It was used in a ceremony called “the calling of the waters”. From its home, atop a mountain, in the Temple of Mars, the lapis would be brought by the priests. In times of drought they would ceremonially pour water on the stone, and call on Jupiter to create rain.

Hand-strung beads of pure, natural lapis lazuli sourced ethically and directly from Afghanistan. Each stone differs slightly in colour meaning each necklace is unique.